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  • Sophisticated data filtering and extraction capabilities allow for thorough reporting, analysis and multi-department, executive-level summary on all aspects of data.  Custom APIs allow integration to external reporting systems such as Power BI.
  • AssetTagz enables flexible reporting of asset history, providing powerful statistics to make informed decisions (eg. regular tool failures, “heavy-handed” users, PPE usage).

Traceability leads to accountability and reduction in asset downtime, external hire charges and theft

  • Lower administration overheads and reduction in manual data input
  • Elimination of data entry errors

Health & Safety compliance ensures qualified employees are using safe equipment maintained according to schedule.

  • Control of equipment inspections and service/maintenance schedules and ensuring all are up to date and certified
  • Proof of attendance – physical scanning of the tagged asset confirms that the user is at the asset, while ID badge scanning ensures employees are present in a location for briefings or training
  • Common asset management processes ensure compliance to company-wide safety standards and policies

Visibility of asset availability and location speeds up deployment to job sites and ensures assets are in good working condition

  • Auditing process is made easier as the Asset Register and Qualifications carries all required information, in the AssetTagz cloud database
  • Customised reports provide powerful information for various departmental use, such as utilisation, inspection & repair history, spares consumption and inspections due
Rugged device with Assettagz asset management software

Why AssetTagz?

Serving construction, oil & gas, local government and security services.

  • Proven and effective asset management solution
  • Uses clever app installed on smart phone, tablet or rugged mobile device
  • Rapid implementation and tailored to client’s individual business processes
  • Seamless integration with existing business/ERP systems
  • Best of Class training
  • Technical expertise to advise on best RFID, NFC and barcode practices and choice of hardware devices
  • Minimal, if any, IT resources are required to use AssetTagz effectively
  • Collaboration with internal IT to build and test interfaces and integration within existing ERP systems.