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Heaton Valves ensures quality, improved inspection processes and individual valve traceability with AssetTagz.

Heaton Valves Africa (Pty) Limited is an expert valve stockist and distributor of premium valve brands, and a distinguished valve solution provider to all facets of industry. It is committed to becoming the foremost stockist and distributor of valves and related components to the oil, petrochemical, process and related industries, as well as meeting and exceeding its customers’ expectations in terms of product and service.

The issue
In order to maintain the highest level of quality within the valve distribution, Heaton Valves needed to ensure that all valves that arrived at Heaton Valves and delivered to the customer were correct to the customers order as well as in perfect condition. In addition, Heaton Valves could not manage their supplier’s performance as well as the amount of stock holding and condition of the stock within their warehouse.

“Using AssetTagz had made us realise that technology can only better our work environment. We are now able to prevent a Non Conformance Report (NCR) been given to us from our customers, we are able to know exactly where a valve is located in the warehouse, what condition it is in and trace all the inspection and test certificates relating to each specific valve.”

The solution
Valves need to be inspected for conformance to test certificates and performance standards. Each valve that arrives at Heaton Valves is tagged on arrival and undergoes a comprehensive inspection process. After inspection, the valves are allocated a shelf location within the warehouse and placed on the shelf.

When a Sales order is received, the valves are moved to the dispatch area within the warehouse and undergo a final inspection. This ensures the customer  receives what they requested and that the valve is according to the correct specifications.

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