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Magnor Plant ensure site safety, meet HSE compliance and see a 70% reduction inspection times with AssetTagz.

Safety is paramount at Magnor Plant so they needed an error-proof system to manage the on-going maintenance inspection schedule of lifting and safety equipment at its many construction sites across the UK. Magnor now uses AssetTagz RFID tags and handheld computers to manage assets and record inspection results in the field.

Magnor Plant Limited, part of the Morgan Est group, provides modern lifting equipment, safety equipment, plant, vehicles and accommodation units to all of Morgan Est’s construction sites.  Morgan Est projects range from railway and highway to housing and commercial property.  The company is based in Rugby, Warwickshire and turnover for the group in 2009 exceeded £799m.

The issue
As part of the Morgan Est group, Magnor Plant is responsible for carrying out a thorough examination of every piece of equipment across all of the group’s construction sites on a rolling six-monthly basis.  Sites can be up and running from anything from two or three weeks to six years.  And with as many as 6000 pieces of equipment on each site, undertaking these examinations is no mean feat.  “In the old days we’d carry out a manual inspection and, upon return from site, begin the arduous task of rekeying all the information into our mainframe system.” says Stuart Faulkner, Safety Equipment Manager at Magnor.  “We needed a way to reduce paperwork. Postinspection administration and time spent rekeying data was getting out of hand: inputting up to 30 pages of results could take three or four days to complete, which then meant a delay of up to two weeks getting the final inspection report back to site.”

The solution
Fire extinguishers need to be inspected on a regular basis.  With 30 to 50 supplied on average on each site, AssetTagz allows Magnor to track each and every one.  Each fire extinguisher is tagged with a plastic RFID tag which is then scanned ahead of them being delivered to site so when the time comes to inspect them, Magnor know which site they are at.  Magnor use a range of breathing equipment including Chemical (oxygen) escape breathing apparatus and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices similar to those used by the fire brigade.  Its safety equipment is costly to replace and was prone to getting damaged, lost and in some cases even stolen.  Magnor use now AssetTagz to control of the issue and return of its safety equipment.  RFID tags are applied to each item which are then scanned as each asset as issued out and returned to site.

“With AssetTagz we have cut post-inspection administration down from three or four days of lots of manual paperwork to one.” – Jonathan Hall, General Manager

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