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Saudi Comedat ensures highest levels of stock control and site safety with custom inspections from AssetTagz.

Operating safely and effectively in the harsh conditions of the remote Saudi Arabian desert means maintaining the highest levels of organisation. Saudi Comedat needed a flexible solution where numerous individual inspections could take place every day.

Initially looking for an automated solution to help with stock control and maintenance inspections on its equipment, Saudi Comedat now has a mobile asset management solution that uses over 40 customised inspections, meaning it is flexible enough to work across people, equipment, accommodation and working zones. Using AssetTagz, Saudi Comedat now carries out over 3000 individual inspections each month.

Saudi Comedat Company Ltd. is a surface mining company based in the Middle East. Located in the remote Northern region of Al Jalamid, Saudi Arabia, the site is anticipated to become the world’s largest phosphate mine.
Operating in one of the most hostile environments on the planet, Saudi Comedat is committed to the highest levels of Health & Safety and stock control for both the well-being of the staff and the high-value mining equipment used on site.

The issue
“Working in such remote conditions means we have to know exactly where we are with supplies”, explains Ben Tiley. “We can’t just order a delivery of fuel when we run out as it takes can take days or even weeks to get supplies here across the desert. More importantly, the harsh nature of the environment we operate in makes safety a top priority for us.” In order to ensure the highest level of control around stock and safety, the company was looking for an automated solution that would help them to meet its stock and stores objectives
and HSE (Health & Safety Executive) obligations.

The Solution
AssetTagz is a mobile asset management solution that uses rugged Psion handheld computers together with Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags to give Saudi Comedat full control and visibility of its assets. The custom inspections facility allows inspections forms to be tailored to Saudi Comedat’s specific requirements meaning they can capture the exact results needed.

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