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Chesterfield Borough CouncilAssetTagz was implemented in Chesterfield Borough Council’s OSD Stores Facility (Area which manages and maintains Council Properties) in January 2014.

The implementation solved key problems in two areas:
Firstly, one of the functions of OSD stores is to procure power tools, ladders and other specialist equipment to hire out internally to Trade Operatives. Prior to AssetTagz this was controlled (very loosely) using an Access Database with little in the way of standardisation and no routine for checking to ensure that operatives had tools or that they were in good operational order or to update with PAT testing/checking details.

Prior to the implementation of AssetTagz, a stocktake of all tools and equipment had to be carried out. In addition, all tools and equipment were engraved with an asset number and an RFID tag affixed. The original access database was uploaded into AssetTagz to give us a start point, subsequently much work has been carried out to standardise the database and analyse exactly what equipment we have. The AssetTagz system enables us to scan out tools and equipment to the tradesmen (by use of a PDA and scanning the RFID tag) so that we can keep track of all these items and when required for testing/inspection call them in.

The system also enables us to flag faulty equipment and ensures that this equipment cannot inadvertently be “hired out.” An array of reports is available whereby we can analyse what tools our operatives have in their name, what electrical items are due for PAT testing, what ladders are due for checking, etc. When tools are hired out, the operative is required to sign for them on the PDA – this can alleviate any issues which we may have later with operatives denying that they have tools in their possession.

Secondly, in July 2015, OSD moved across to a new job management system (COINs). Within COINs there is a stock module which is used by stores for issuing of materials to operatives. Previously all back-office work, i.e. updating the system with materials issues had to be carried out on the PC keyboard. By using AssetTagz as an interface, the store operatives can scan out materials using PDAs – this has significantly speeded up the process of maintaining the materials database within COINs and provides auditable evidence that the materials have been received by the operative (no additional or unnecessary paperwork required for this).

Support by the AssetTagz team has been excellent with responses to any issues/difficulties being immediate and amendments made where requested.

Thelma Ward, Stores Procurement Officer
Operational Services Division, Chesterfield Borough Council, Old Brickworks Lane,
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 7LF